Friday, August 19, 2005

Time for a Soak

Mme Eclectica,

What a wonderful bath house you have here. There have been so many things going on in my life that I wanted to have some time for myself. So here I am!I wandered around and found a wonderful warm tub with special salts to soothe my aching bones.

Slipping into this warm bath, I couldn't help thinking of a tale someone told about the huge cumbersome jovial lady who popped into the bath with her. Apologies to whoever wrote it for not remembering your name, but it has kept me smiling many a time. Remembering this I lay back with not a care in the world letting my body relax completely.

As I lay there, I recalled a time when life was not so complicated, a time when my husband and I took our 6 children for a long weekend in our big bus (or van) down to the Tara Valley. We left on a Friday night after work and travelled down the Princess Highway. All went well until we turned off the highway. To set the scene for those who don't know the area, there is a ridge of mountains between the highway and the valley.

The problem was that in the dark of night we took a wrong turn. The road became quite bumpy and there were rocks, quite large rocks in places, and the road twisted and turned, around and around. We became rather concerned as there was no way we could turn around on the narrow road. So on we went.

Of course the children were quite excited by this. To make it more interesting, there were small kangaroos hopping across the road and the odd wombat as well. The children were hanging out the windows, no seat belts in those days, and loving it. Of course, Mother and Father were a little less excited, as they were worried about where they were going to end up. By about ten o'clock that night we finally came to a main road - the Grand Ridge Road- so we could then begin to work out where we were. We finally arrived at the park where we were staying, and had the most wonderful weekend in very beautiful country. We discovered that the track we had taken was actually a logging track so in hindsight we were very lucky to get through.It was a weekend of togetherness, adventure and fun.


At 1:20 PM, Blogger Believer said...

What great memories! I'd be hanging out the window busting my seatbelt to see the kangaroos, too!


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