Saturday, September 10, 2005

Epidose 4. To Duwamish Bay

Now leaving the Bath House refreshed, body and soul, my steps were light. It was downhill now, an added bonus. Several hours later I reached Duwamish and sat by the shore to absorb the beauty of my surroundings. Not as big as I had imagined from the distance, it was enclosed by wooded, interleaved hills broken up with rocky outcrops and fed by several fast-flowing mountain streams.

All was quiet, peaceful. The surface of the lake barely rippled in the afternoon breeze. Gradually a few birds came to forage under the trees and suprisingly, what looked like a couple of wallabies, one with a joey in her pouch. So much unexpected had already happened that I shrugged their presence off. Anyhow if one was with a joey, Spring could not be far behind.

As I sat in silence and the sun arched across the sky, I realised that this was indeed a holy place for me. The Great Earth Mother was breathing those ripples that were turning the reflections of the lake aside, and She was in the trees and with the solitary pelican and the eagle cruising the thermals. It was no wonder to me then when another wallaby joined the others. They were quietly grazing nearby and occasionally lifted shadowy brown eyes to meet mine. It reminded me of the quizzical looks from the little imp of yesterday. The joey was turning sommersaults in its mother's pouch, and occasionally joining her for a nibble in the long grass. I wondered for how many aeons had this been a sacred site for the tribes who passed by and for wanderers like me.
A slowly darkening cloud on the horizon was the only discordant note.

The shadows were lengthening when a passing ant nipped my leg with a sting which made me wish that I had packed a first aid kit. I had now broken most of my rules for travel by now...I was heading for a "group tour", had no reliable map, and had left not olnly no clues as to my
whereabouts on the frig door, but no first aid kit!

The lake sat silent through the years,
Witness to all laughter and tears
Repository of many hopes, and fears.

The hills crowd in to protect this place
Conscious there is here a Special Grace
Echoing in each soul's inner space.

If Anyone fashioned peace and love,
Blew the wind or wished stars above
They live here.


At 4:40 AM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

Lovely Jan. You have arrived at Duwamish early and will have oodles of time to explore and orientate before everyone, including myself arrive. I am staying at a farm overnight. The goats at the gateway eyed me and I was a bit doubtful feels welcoming.

At 8:45 PM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

"If Anyone fashioned peace and love,
Blew the wind or wished stars above
They live here."
Loved this.

At 9:57 PM, Blogger Chameleon said...

You girls are lovely to read my words...Jan


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