Saturday, September 10, 2005

Episode 3. Leaving Golden Grove...(The Bath House)

Unfortunately, my flying powers had apparently deserted me, along with the players at Golden Grove. Once again I hoisted the backpack and started to move my now reluctant feet. That flying thing had become addictive. While I balefully pondered as to whether I was still invisible, markedly increasing my sense of vulnerability, I faced my next problem.

OK, so I had a map. Or a scrap of parchment which passed for one. But in which direction was the Abbey? Someone had neglected to indicate North...a long distance nevertheless, but Which Way to start?! As I mulled these thoughts over, indeed a strange sight in my Polartec and pixie cap ( the morning was quite chilly with a sneaky breeze), the same pinhead of light which had started me off on this adventure through the Roll-a-door, once again danced before my eyes. Then darted down a path beside one of the tall pines on the edge of the grove. I followed. A glance at the map showed me an expanse of water between the Grove and the Abbey, Duwamish Bay.

Photon, fairy, extra-terrestrial, whoever, my " guide" was reassuringly still with me: even if "she"...(.and there was such a feminine hint in her beguiling ways that I ever after thought of that dancing pinhead of light as "she")... had disappeared again.

Long periods of time elapsed, with little to relieve the weariness I was feeling, both body and spirit. A flight of geese flew overhead, the seasons were changing. A cart passed in the opposite direction, but we merely nodded to each other. Now at least knew I was visible again. Apart from a beautiful stream which meandered nearby the track ( NOT on the map I was alarmed to see), I had had nothing to eat or drink for an interminable time.

Just as I was about to wish I had Plan B, I came up over a long rise. I was on a saddle, with another rise ahead. However two valleys fell away on either side in a breathtaking vista.. There on my left, still a way off, but easily visible glinting in the sunlight, was what could only be Duwamish Bay! Waves of relief broke over me, and with renewed spirit I looked for a route down into the valley and to my currect destination.

Then a miracle happened! Heady laughter was coming from nearby. I won't be tedious with the details, dear reader,as I need your continued interest to affirm for me all the remarkable things that happened on this journey. Suffice to say I soon found myself submerged in a deep, deep layer of pulsating bubbles.For the second time in 48hrs I was soaking off my trials and tribulations. A dear old retrospect she was probably only the age I am now...had lit candles, poured ALL of my precious ( and heavy to carry) oils into the bath and vigorously scrubbed my back. All this was in silence other than the laughter which was receding. This was clearly a Bath House in spite of its unlikely location. Eventually my benefactor reappeared with warm fluffy robes, my now clean clothes (miracle no2!) and a bowl of soup and bread. To be truthful, although I had not greeted my fellow travellers, now that I was clean and fed, I was starting to muse that there might be some fun in their company.

Refreshed, I hugged my new friend goodbye. As I left she wordlessly handed me a long burgundy velvet skirt. A perfect match for my cap! Curiouser and Curiouser! as Alice would say.

The Bath House was behind me and Duwamish ahead, surely I would catch up there. All my anxieties about Sybil had evaporated.

The way was long
The going was tough.
Just when I thought
I'd had enough:
You were there.

A stop on the way
To a distant land.
A pat on the shoulder
A helping hand:
There you were.

Thanks for making me
Smile again.
Thanks for the sun
Instead of the rain.
But, Farewell.


At 4:38 AM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

You should never have doubted that Sibyl would be there darling. Wandering in this strange land can be confusing for the hardiest of travellers. You did remarkably well to find the Bath-house and I know the Gypsies will welcome you with open arms. I think you will fit in quite well in that camp.

At 7:10 AM, Blogger Karen said...

So glad you stumbled into the bath house, dear. It is rejuvenating!


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