Sunday, September 04, 2005

One Last Entry Before the Trip Begins

Below is the third installment of the Soulfood Silk Road Journey.
Making one last entry as I wait for my guide to come take me from the Enchantress' cave. I know naught where I'm headed in this strange new land, or what I'll find, or where I'll end up. It's still so surreal to me, this journey. It's not quite sunk in that I'm actually here, in an enchantress' cave, no less, by the grace of a rainbow's magic. I'm stunned, I'm thrilled beyond description, I'm nervous as all get out and...I'm humbled. I'm humbled that my grandma and I are being allowed to follow this dream, to take this journey. For this is the journey of a lifetime.

I woke up this morning, after a restful night's sleep--this mattress is sssssooooo comfortable I wish there was a way to fold it up and pack it away to take with me and the gorgeous royal purple comforter is filled with the lightest and softest down ever. *closes eyes in ecstacy for a moment as I run a hand lightly over the material then dig in briefly before resuming* Utter heaven, let me tell you!

Not a bad way to start a journey either.

It's been a wonderful room. Shaped like an upside down stone bowl with a circular window framed in dark wood, a grid molding in the same dark wood on the pane, it's the most unusual accomodations I've ever had. The window, facing the door, is about 31 inches in diameter. Beneath it is a window seat, its cushion upholstered and tufted in a tone-on-tone brocade the same material as my duvet.

Outside the window is the most exquisite, magical garden. Among roses of all types and colors, the Enchantress has tigerlilies of white, orange and pink, bleeding hearts, snapdragons that really snap and roar, chrysanthemums, carnations, daisies, lilac bushes of both white and lavender and many more flowers too numerous to name. Some I've never seen before and don't know the names to. And there are actually fairies flitting around out there! Real, live, small people with wings and a golden glow surrounding their tiny forms flying from blossom to blossom! They like to tease the snapdragons, making them snap and roar when the fairies get too close or too bothersome, then the fairies will fly away, giggling, to a tamer flower that'll open its petals for them to land in. And the sweet perfume of all those flowers mixed in such profusion! It wafts in through the slightly open window on invisible air currents, mingling with the magic scent of roses, sandalwood and that mystery element I'm unable to name still, heightening, awakening and intoxicating the senses.

On the wall to the right of the window hangs a small tapestry done in forest colors and a burst of blue, flesh tones, red, white, gold, purple, cinnamon and pink: the scene of a golden-haired elven queen presiding of her court in a secluded forest glade, her Fae courtiers laughing and making merry captured and woven for All Immortal Time. To either side of the tapestry are two comfortable medium-sized chocolate brown leather armchairs. In one a cream crushed velvet pillow, sewn in equilateral triangles, sits. In the other, a pillow of the same royal purple brocade as the window seat, resides. Four gold tassels adorn its corners. Underneath the tapestry and between the two chairs stands a small round side table of the same dark wood used at the window. At four places around it, about an inch and a half in, the tips of carved ivy vines begin. Trailing over the edge of the table and underneath to its bracings and downward, the wooden vines continue, spiraling round and round the pedastal support and along the base's four "feet" carved to resemble tree limbs bearing flat-bottomed fruit. The only items it boasts of are an inkwell with a cream feathered quill pen placed into it, sheaves of lavender parchment patterned stationery with matching envelopes and an ox-blood leatherbound copy of the complete works of the Brothers Grimm with gilt-edged pages placed at an angle.

Standing against the left wall is an armoire, again in the same dark wood, with the carved ivy vines trailing up this time. They reach up the front and sides, some higher than others, for the top of the wardrobe, but only making it halfway, some of them. The handles are gorgeous! Handcrafted gold acorns pull the doors wide and two open the drawer set in at the bottom.

To add more color to the gray stone floor--and room--a large area rug has been placed in the center of the round room. Done in an ivy covered white lattice or trellis pattern against a purple background, its threads are thick and soft and muffle any footsteps. (It was also a boon this morning when my feet touched it--and not a stone cold floor, ha ha, an unintended pun!--as I dragged myself out of bed.)

The bed itself--on which I'm sitting cross-legged--is situated in the middle of the room at an angle to the tapestry, table and chairs. It has no headboard or footboard, just a wonderful pile of pillows, shams and two regular pillows underneath. The pillows match the ones in the leather armchairs, a pair of white and gold vertically striped ones trimmed in gold braid joining them. Behind them the shams are a set to the duvet. The pillow I slept on and its mate, along with the mattress, are sheathed in white satin.

Sinfully spoiled for the night, wasn't I? *grins* I almost hate to leave! But I know this is only a stopover place before the journey begins. And we are anxious, my grandma's spirit and I, to see what lies along the Soulfood Silk Road.

I awoke to the sunlight slanting in through the window and to the mouthwatering aromas of breakfast seeping out from under the domed covers keeping it warm. I heard a light tap then a sliding noise on wood as a tray was put down on the side table. Opening my eyes and sitting up I saw a cheerful rotund woman in a muslim(?) dress straightening from the table, her hands now empty. A second younger woman, wearing a similar dress yet this one having a yellow rosebud print on a white background and a baby blue apron, crossed the room as well to place a khaki-colored backpack in a chair along with a green box and an ivory envelope bearing my name: "Treasa."

They turned, curtsied to me and smiling, walked out closing the door behind them with a soft click. I was alone again.

The food called to me, and my rumbling stomach answered all the while I got ready for the day and the journey ahead. It was then, after I'd dressed and groomed myself, I gave in to my hungry, grumbling stomach and sat down in the unoccupied chair. Removing the lids over the plates and smelling appreciatively, I ate my breakfast of Eggs Benedict, bacon, toast with fig jelly and chocolate milk.

Now that my belly was satisfied and filled I inspected my gifts. Opening the envelope I pulled the white vellum note card from it and read the neat, slanted handwriting in gold ink. It was from the Enchantress.

    I trust you had a good night's rest and have enjoyed the garden and room. Today you and your grandmother begin a wonderous journey that is unlike any journey you've ever taken. However, for this journey and the mode of transportation you'll be taking, you'll need a smaller, less cumbersome bag to carry your things in and store the things you'll want to gather along the way. Do not be deceived by its size; it can hold all your things and the things you'll acquire in the near future and throughout your life. It always has room for your most precious memories and prized possessions.

    "Please enjoy the box of chocolates, as well. They will inspire you. However, if you do take one, or however many you want, there is a requirement with each. You must write whatever or create whatever they bring to your mind. Remember, as you go along the Soulfood Silk Road, as you experience all that it offers, write, draw, create, so others can see and share your journey too. I hope and wish you all the magic, all the happiness and all the excitement this trip has to offer the travelers who wander this road. Godspeed and be careful,

    Sybil, the Enchantress"

And so, I packed my things into the backpack, even the green velvet chocolate box, *laughing sheepishly* deciding to eat them along the way. I folded and placed my big overnighter in the armoire's drawer, knowing it would somehow be safe until I collected it.

Oops, gotta go. Someone just knocked on my door, telling me my guide is here. I wonder where we are going?


At 2:11 AM, Blogger faucon of Sakin'el said...

What a nice thing to wake to in the morning --
much better than the dreams I was having -- and they are always profound!!


At 2:59 AM, Blogger Believer said...

Welcome to the cave, Shiloh. Overwhelming isn't it? And each room unique to the inhabitant. We stay in some interesting B& B's along the way as well. Enjoy the journey--good thing you're well rested!

At 3:50 AM, Blogger le Enchanteur said...

I am very taken with the notion of you and your grandmother travelling together and I am certain that she would be delighted too.

At 6:55 AM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

It is exciting and overwhelming and it's all about you...

At 8:56 AM, Blogger Traveller said...

make the most of the wonderful room you slept in, the others may not be quite so luxurious but will certainly have plenty of other things to offer you both. Bon voyage!


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