Saturday, December 03, 2005


I stayed five days ,
not a week, but five days
five days and four nights

It seemed much longer
The elements made it seem
like living in another time and place

Heat and more heat
No winds to cool me at night
Then days when all the rain
held in the clouds for ages and ages
let forth
Causing rivers to flood
gardens to be washed away
animals to hide under beds

Then intermittent ,hail stones,dark clouds
but incessant heat..then
freezing cold ,a fire needed at night
Changing clothing seemed the norm
t.shirts and shorts then tracksuit pants
and warm woolies

I walked outside in all these weathers
waiting for another change to blow through.

So when I set out for home
it said...." 40o today ,hot north winds
a day of "Bushfire danger"
So I stayed another day

Friday said......
Windy,wet, but mild.....
So I set off from Gippsland town
The rain so heavy and the wind so strong
That it moved the car from the middle of the road.
I held the wheel tightly
The car moved as semi-trailers rushed past me
They left a spray that darkend my windscreen

I took shelter under a veranda
at the local football oval
had my cuppa and sandwich,
fed Jessie dog
the sound on the tin roof
deafend all around

We persevered on ,passing many motorists
broken down as they went through the floodwaters
I took my time ..I was ok
Arriving home, the sea caps on the waves caught my eye
the wind blowing them onto the beach and beyond
The Tasmanian ferry bounced at its moorings
It would be a rough trip tonight as it crossed Bass Strait.

It was not cold,more like a tropical storm
I arrived safely ,to a garden not needing watering
Leaves littered the lawns
Hydrangers looked frizzled
The bird bath full of debris
No matter..........

I was home complete with prized plants and vegetables
from my friends garden
I unpacked jars of jam,pickles,olives,sun dried tomatoes,etc etc
It had been a grand four days
In a part of Victoria different to my home town
Street lights not seen from the farmhouse balcony
But....The sunset on the Tambo river was magnificent
and I could see.....the stars so bright...this denied me
in my place as the lights of tall skyscrapers
dim the stars to pale resemblences

I feel refreshed ,
It is good to visit friends
It is wonderful to laugh and drink wine in good company
To share the produce of their labours
not all purchased from supermarkets
I had forgotten how sweet it tasted

...Lois (Muse of the Sea) 4th Dec 2005.


At 11:55 PM, Blogger Chameleon said...

Lois, that was terrific. Jan


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