Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Beyond Belief


I useta believe in the Golden Rule
as something I oughta do by choice;
but now I know that to act any other way
is to deny humanity and self.

I useta believe in man's institutions
of religion, law and education;
but today I know they are illusions
based on fear, control, greed and power.

I useta believe in heaven's fine promise
as reward for doing good work and all;
but now I know more of the Spirit within
and that I can choose something better yet.

I useta believe in scholarly writings
by sanctified men of cloth and iron;
but now I know they are just opinions
of a single person's view of creation.

I useta believe in ecology
as a natural and obvious path;
but now I know that abusing Mother Earth
is a only slow, painful genocide.

I useta believe in allowing others
to be 'of life' for me and guide my path;
but now I know that 'believing' is death,
and that I am eternal in 'knowing'.

Aye …

I useta believe in what others call faith,
which is unwillingness seek the truth;
and because I know that I am of Creation
I can find innocence and peace at last.


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