Sunday, July 31, 2005

Catching up on bits I've missed

My door is in a little street paved with cobbles. Curiously enough the name of the street "rue pavée d'amour" means the street paved with love.

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On either side of the door there are two inscriptions “abandon inhibition all ye who enter here” and “in order for us to discover new lands we must be prepared to lose sight of the shore”. At the top of the door there is a huge green glass eye. There are two panels in the lower part of the door, when these are open you can see, in one, a series of numbers. These represent the lotto that is life - thank goodness you don't have to find the right combination to get through the door! Behind the other panel is a heart, for this indeed will be a journey to and through the heart.
The rainbow is the vista seen on the other side of the door. I shall skip the light fandango in search of the crock of gold at the foot of the rainbow.
You are shown to your room by your guide
When I knocked, albeit somewhat timidly, on the door to the Sybil's cave I was unsure who or what would come to answer my summons. Imagine my surprise when the door opened and there was no-one there. Or at least, I thought there was no-one there until I heard a faint miaow and looked down to find a beautiful calico cat with white feet and green eyes - my beloved Pebbles who died last year. When she first came to us, from the animal refuge, she had no voice and when she opened her mouth to miaow it was only a silent miaow that escaped and she was as light as thistledown. Eight years later she had developed a miaow that could be heard from the bottom of the house to the top and was a healthy animal with fur as soft as a rabbit's. Nourished with TLC she came to be my boon companion and would come and sit on me whenever and wherever I sat down, purring her head off and looking adoringly into my face. I was desolate when I had to have her put down as she had developed a tumour. Now she had come to rescue me.
She turned away from me and headed straight for the nearest clump of peonies – Bowl of Beauty, my favourites. I followed her through, along a woodland path. Teasels and foxgloves stood sentinel on either side. At length we reached a thatched cottage set in a woodland glade. The garden was a mass of typical English country garden flowers and roses climbed the trellis over door. Your room is on the ground floor I understood her to say, for she had not said anything aloud. Make yourself at home and I will come and visit you in a while for I have much to tell you.
I went through the low front door – the wooden duck afixed over the front door was meant to indicate that you should do just that – duck – or hit your head. I hit my head. Nursing a bruised forehead I entered the cottage and looked about me.
There was only the one room – obviously I was to have the entire cottage to myself. The windows on the front of the cottage flooded the room with light. Rushes had been strewn on the stone flagged floor. Against the back wall was a wide bed covered with a variety of lightweight quilts. There was a bedside table with a beautiful Tiffany lamp on it. Close to one of the windows was a table and chair and a vase of flowers in an alcove at one end of the cottage held a wild bouquet of salmon pink oriental poppies and bronze irises with the foliage of an acer palmatum to set them off – they were the plants I intended to plant on her grave when the rockery is finished. The other end of the room had been partitioned off and this turned out to be a shower room – there was no shower tray, you simply stood on the pebbles and the water drained away. A pink lotus had been planted in a large ceramic pot that stood in the bathroom.
I will be happy in this room.


At 12:38 PM, Blogger Karen said...

What a sweet reunion with your cat. I love the part about the duck above the door (I'm 6'1"!) Glad to have you with us, Carol.

At 4:59 AM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

I love the fact that your beloved cat came to greet you. I would look out for Catkin, known mostly as Black Bum but he came back as our elder Cavalier King Charles so I still have him with me. Greg and I took one look at Monty's eyes and we said 'Catkins back'.

At 11:43 AM, Blogger Traveller said...

Karen, my parents have one of these ducks at home. All of us has bashed their head at one time or another


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