Monday, August 29, 2005

Before the Journey


The waves lapped blackly
on the granite and agate pebbles.
The rhythm matched fluttering chest
more than any distantly remembered tune or dirge.
"Gone at last, you miserable bastard,"

A slight drizzle splashed
like meager tears on the crumbling pier.
Rare sunbeams winked through gasps
in the roiling clouds to flash
fairy dances on the lazy surf.
The reflected glow lit alike the grooves
in the arching cliffs and canyons
in her face -- both bleak in despair.
The distant lake shore was shrouded
in mist, and like her life, only
faint images were revealed.

A fish leapt unexspectantly to cause
ripples to swell toward her.
A sign? A gift?
The shadow of anger passed
into the pines and a smile
responded to their gentle waving fronds.

"Perhaps there is still some joy,"
she chuckled., though squirrels near
by heard only a dry cackle.

With a sigh, shoes were discarded to the drift
wood and frayed shawl to thicket bush.
Whether she leapt in or was drawn in
is hard to say -- the chilling water did not care.
All memories of his evil were washed away.
Down or up -- which way to go?

Youth was born again.


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