Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Merlin Tarot

I come face to face with a gypsy as I approach the camp. She is small and has a pair of deep green eyes which seems to pierce into my soul. Her hair was silver, streaked between strands of black. Finger nails too long for her little hands.

I got carried away examining her and jumped when she broke the silence with an offer to do a tarot reading for me. That was what I have always wanted! A tarot reading by a gypsy! My nervous jump immediately becomes one of joy.

Her lips curl into a smile and I followed her into a brownish tent. The inside smells of freshly cut grass mixed with dried mud. I would expect her to smell exactly like that too. In the center was a redwood table. There were no chairs and I found myself standing opposite her.

"I see that you have a question." the gypsy stated as a matter of fact.

"Yes!" I replied with glee, "How did you know?"

"It's pretty obvious actually... " she responded with a cheeky glance over her glasses as she handed me her deck, which I immediately recognised as the Merlin Tarot.

I shuffled the deck a couple of times. I loved the feeling of the deck. They fit my hands perfectly... which also means that they are much too big for those little hands of the gypsy.

I handed back the deck reluctantly and watched with complete attention as she lays the cards on the table in an elaborate pattern.

She contemplated on the arrangement for what seems like eternnity...

Finally, she begin to speak.

"Very good. Your readings shows a very positive and gentle energy surrounding your life in the immediate future. You are in the mist of transformation. It is uncomfortable but you must experience breakdown before you can achieve breakthrough. You will shed your masks and ressurect as a pure child, much like a caterpilliar becomes a butterfly. You will soon discover your purpose in life. You are on the right path. This journey will be a pilgrimage"

The old gypsy paused to catch her breath before proceeding.

"Do not be afraid. The Enchantress and your fellow travellers will be a source of support and inspiration. You are not too far away from your dreams. Just walk the path with faith and as you reach the end of one road, more roads with appear."

I was filled with excitment and my mind was running wild with ideas and anticipation for the future! I could not sleep that night... just laid on the hard ground all night... until the air became cold and moist... and the birds are singing to the dawn.


At 1:51 AM, Blogger Gail Kavanagh said...

Alex, what a pleasure - this is one of the most beautiful of all Tarot sets.

At 1:11 PM, Blogger Believer said...

Your future is looking good, Alex. I'm sorry to be so late welcoming you back. It's wonderful to have you back on the tour again.


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