Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Fountain of Forgiveness Part 1

After missing in action for so long, I feel disconnected, isolated & lost. It is a sad feeling but I just have to endure the immediate loneliness by fueling my spirits with the beautiful memories from the recent past and inspiring visions of the impending future. I resolve to find my fellow travellers again!

But how? Hmn... I remember... I reached into the dusty bag and pulled out the pair of magic spectacles and the special ear piece...

My reality expanded beyond possibilities once I put on these magical aids! I began to see colours and hear sounds that form an infinite grid of energetic pathways that is the proverbial zone which is also know as the field. When I am in the field, I was at one with nature... I was in the universe and the universe was in me... I was the rustling of the leaves and I was the gurgling waters flowing along the underground rivers... I was in the flow and the flow lead me to the Fountain of Forgiveness.

(I was not given a serpent as I was late and all the serpents have gone away...)

As I enter the waters in the Fountain of Forgiveness... I felt myself being purged from the flow... I heard the water speak to my heart... I realised that I was not being rejected by the Fountain of Forgiveness... it was in fact me rejecting the pureness of the Fountain water.

There were people I needed to forgive... and before I do that, I cannot be at one with this source of life. Take a sip from my crystalline waters... I was told... and you will find it in your heart to forgive...

I took a sip and I felt sick... I have to rest now... I wonder what awaits me tomorrow...


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