Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Storms In Duwamish

" I don't suppose you've seen your Auntie Akela " Sheriff Blitzer‘s Grandmother asked her the morning Serpent's Way disappeared.

Sarah didn't answer right away. The phone was cradled between her head and shoulder and her attention was focused on the Marina and she was watching the tide make it's way to the shoreline. " No I haven't "

The water was moving wrong, the tide reversed itself and then righted itself and then it began to crawl to shore. Sarah thought of infections and shook her head. What was she just thinking there?

" Well, she's with Kincross and the Twins so my guess is they're off drunk somewhere. Go find them. " Sarah heard her Grandmother say.

Sarah wasn't sure she heard her right, " Grandma, listen an entire River has disappeared...I've just got calls that they're finding fish and boats in trees up in the Woods. Someone else just called in and saw a giant Snake in the sky. I've got real problems here."

" No, you got problems big, big problems if you don't go and get Kincross and Akela and the twins back into town. Go find them, you're a Sheriff...so go make like Sherlock Holmes, and figure out where those four disappeared too. We need them back in Duwamish NOW. Oh and tell your Mom I'm making dinner next Sunday. Bye. "

Sarah didn't wince as the phone was slammed down on the other end. She was still watching the tide inch it's way to the shore. Something was wrong with the water; with the way it was moving.

It was looked like it was boiling.

She walked out onto the stations porch and she could hear the difference too in the tide too. It was growling, rumbling and the sound was so low you couldn't hear it as much as you could feel it.

Sarah's eyes narrowed and her hand went to the gun at her side. The water was changing colors, it went from black to blue to an unnatural shade of green, and she could see silver flashes in the Bay itself

It was a thunderstorm and it was all happening under water.

Olympia, the newspaper reporter drove up and called out to Sarah, " are you seeing that? "

Sarah looked down towards the Marina and she was never surer of anything in her life as she was at that moment. " Olympia, get down to the Marina, tell those people to get away from the water...tell them now! "

Then Sarah jumped into her jeep, she hit the siren and she drove away from the Bay and up into the hills.

Towards the Cemetery.


At 5:10 AM, Blogger Karen said...

a thunderstorm under the water! what a fabulous notion!

At 4:07 PM, Blogger Believer said...

Took the words right out of my mouth, Karen!


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