Friday, September 23, 2005

Lemurian Archipelago

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Just down from Duwamish lies the Lemurian Archipelago. The ocean here is a living place where everything is governed by the laws of magic. The coastline is dotted with archipelagos and deserted islands. Every resident of Lemuria, including Heather, Baba Yaga, The Gorgons and the Amazon Queen have their own personal island or archipelego which they must maintain through the use of magic.

The truth is that most of us like to spend a lot of time, weather permitting, on these islands and some time ago I set up a market which is frequented by lots of peddlers who come to show and sell their wares.

After years of being happy to just come and look at the curiosities on display I decided to set up a place where artists could dip their toes in the waters and see if magic would happen. They show their work at my island on the Archipelago first. The gathering has become so popular that these days hawkers come looking to see what new work I am offering. Imogen Crest, Ashley Shea, Eternally Luna, Anita Marie, Karen Roberts each like to see if there are new artists whose work might be suited to their galleries.

Boats leave regularly from the Duwamish pier so give one of the Ferry Women a call and they will bring you out here. The Archipelago is a bustling, thriving market but there are still plenty of quiet places to retreat to if you want to escape the crowd and just enjoy the surroundings. And there are islands available for those who want to set up places where they can enjoy a sea change.

I understand Heather is planning a collection of sketches on life on the Archipelago. Could be interesting.


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