Friday, November 11, 2005

Up Early


I have often quoted,
"a man cannot learn what he does not know.
His mind has no room for which he is not prepared."
Now I can add another,
"a person will take away from any performance
whatever they most need or are most ready to receive."

Thus all 'teaching' is folly, and society's dictates
as to what a teacher, writer, manager is
is based on a false view of learning.

The best that one can do in such a role is create
the conditions (environment) in which one can teach themselves,
or at least explore the reach of their beliefs.

Perhaps, occasionally, one can 'plant the seed' of a new experience --
create a 'need' where one did not previously exist -- nudge spiritual growth.

Can it be that when a stranger comes to me and says, "why are you so happy?",
that I have accomplished more than all the classes I have ever taught?

That instead of speaking (teaching), if I just let a person know that they have truly been 'heard' that I can change their life? (correction - nurture their choice to change)



At 5:21 PM, Blogger Lois said...

Way back in 1979 I worked at a Neighbourhood learning centre(Community Education) and we produced a book...called "And Now it Flows Release of Learning"..
It says
"That effective learning can happen outside formal schooling ,that a sympathetic enviornment and appropriate learning processes can unlock creative powers and give confidence for creative expression..

I wrote this at the time...

"I want my small talk to be important talk because it springs from my concern for my friends and their concern for me .
I want meaning to trickle into my life from many sources until each day is important because it flows into the lives of those around me.
Lois-Caton Daley.Pub 1979
And Now if Flows....

At the time of writing with other women for the book I was going through a difficult time with a 15 yr Daughter.Perhaps writing does take place in the face of strong forces...and cannot be set buy only allowed to happen in its own way and time.

Lois (Muse of the Sea)13/11/05


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