Monday, September 26, 2005

Lemuria - Artists Without Borders

Dear Stamping friends,
Thank you to all the wonderful emails from you who are supporting the We Care
Card Art Kitsproject. I am encouraged and eager to see your cards, and I'm
sure those who receive the card-filled boxes will be so grateful. Our
copy-room at USArtQuest is nearly impassable with the 3396 cards and goodie boxes
already received. I can't imagine what 14,400 will look like! (However, I'm open
to finding out!) Next we plan on filling the break room.

The amazing store, Mississippi Paper Arts pledged 1/2 of the cards, or 14,400
of the 38,000+ , and even pulled a 24 hour marathon to meet their challenge.
Jennifer, a stamp club member and AMAZINGLY terrific lady, did 2000 cards BY
HERSELF! Needless to say, she was really hurting the next day. My last call
from Carrie said that they did 7,500 in one night, and sent the balance of the
cards home with stamp club members. She was telling me, they are planning to go
to hospital cafeterias, teacher's lunchrooms and other areas where adults
gather, and have someone help teach nurses, teachers and others to stamp and
assist in meeting the goal. (What a gal!) As a side-benefit to fulfilling the
project, it is also a great way to teach basic stamping to those who have never
stamped. (That will certainly help the stamp industry!) During lunch, anyone can
stamp 5 or 10 cards, themselves enjoying a bit of art therapy which I'm sure
they could use.

Our plan is to ship 1/2 of the cartons directly to Mississippi Paper Arts.
They'll already be filled with the art materials, and await the cards they've
made. Then the club members plan on distributing them directly to the
community centers, churches, etc. themselves, again helping those folks to make their
cards and teach them a bit of card making techniques. A Louisiana VFW women's
auxilliary in Union, Lincoln, Ouachita and Morehouse Parrishes will be
hand-delivering several hundred boxes, as well. We're still in tuned to ther smaller
groups who want to help - and I will be glad to make any phone calls, if
there are recommendations. Please just email me privately. In particular, we need
distribution in Alabama. We'll send boxes to other remote areas directly, if
there is a group or auxilliary that will do the distribution.

Until next week.
Most kindly,
Susan Pickering Rothamel
USArtQuest, Inc.
7800 Ann Arbor Road
Grass Lake, Michigan 49240 USA


At 3:47 PM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

It is wonderful to here such positive news. Actions always speak louder than words in my view.

At 9:08 PM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

It is amazing what people can do. Agreed, Heather.


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