Friday, August 05, 2005

Duwamish Courier

Duwamish Courier
Day of the Serpent
Clarke Kent

Reports have been filtering through of strange happenings at the House of the Serpent. Its sole inhabitants, the mysterious Gorgon sisters have seldom been seen; but of late they have taken to entertaining.

The traveling troubadours who were last week in Duwamish, have journeyed on and found themselves guests of the Gorgons for the famed Day of the Serpents.

The Day of the Serpents reveres snakes of every kind, the awakening of the New Year and the unleashing of creativity.

The troubadours were invited to perform before the Gorgons at this auspicious evening. A variety of songs and dances were accompanied by wining and dining.

So impressed were the Gorgons by these performances, they released a snake into the safe-keeping of each of the performers.

I am sure there will be more tales to tell when the troubadours return again to Duwamish.


At 11:33 AM, Blogger Anita Marie Moscoso said...

It is said that Chief Seattl was born at his mother's Duwamish village of Stukw on the Black River, in what is now the city of KENT.

I know the Superman name was a joke...and a good one. But I thought you might find it funnier that Kent in the REAL world is part of Duwamish...
Anita Marie


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