Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Soul Food Cafe Art Room

Ways to help Art organizations hit by Katrina:

Here's how you can help:
* AAM reports that the Southeastern Museums Conference has established
a fund for museums and cultural sites affected by Katrina. Click here
for information on how to contribute.
* The Craft Emergency Relief Fund site.
* AJ's Drew McManus on Gulf Coast musicians.
* I expect more news soon at the FEMA Environment & Historic
Preservation Cultural Resources Program site, and at the
Heritage Emergency National Task Force (which is, in part, a FEMA
* Give to general relief efforts.

Here's the news:
* A FEMA cultural task force had a conference call today. Among the sad
stories: At the Louis Armstrong House and Archives photos and furniture
were seen floating out of the building.
* AAM has posted a page with an overview of the situation at over a
dozen region cultural sites. This is the best page I've found on this.
* The Times-Picayune's blog (which could become the first Pulitzer
Prize-winning blog) has details on the New Orleans Museum of Art and
tells of a destroyed Kenneth Snelson sculpture. (Thanks AJ.)
* The NYT reports on New Orleans' unique architectural heritage and
what may become of it. (Why is it in a fluff section and not a news
* The Baltimore Sun's Mary Carole McCauley with updates on Beauvoir,
the Louisiana State Museum, NOMA, and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.
* Similar news from the LAT/WP news service.
* Todd A. Price is a former Washingtonian arts-lover and culture writer
who relocated to Louisiana about a year ago. His blog is A Frolic of My
* (Readers are invited to help me out here...)

I've heard little about:
* William Faulkner's Rowan Oak;
* The Ohr-O'Keefe Museum; and
* The Rural Studio (buildings or communities).


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