Saturday, August 06, 2005

House of the Serpents

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While everyone went to the Duwamish River and the Fountain of Forgiveness I took the time to wander up the path to look down upon the House of the Serpents and mull over the questions I would ask the Gorgons. As I sat, sketching, more snakes were making their way to the House. Clearly they are coming from far afield and are sssniggering about the fact that visitors have come.


At 9:00 AM, Blogger Anita Marie Moscoso said...

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At 10:54 AM, Blogger Anita Marie Moscoso said...

I won't ask how you knew...but your drawing matches with a true legend from the Quileute tribe here in Washington...hmmm, I think your in Duwamish now...or Duwamish is in you...
Anita Marie

is a shape-shifter, often appearing as an enormous
serpent, sometimes double-headed with blazing eyes and
horns, or as a composite monster having the forequarters and
head of a deer and the tail of a snake

a¡¯yahos is associated with shaking and rushes of turbid
water and comes simultaneously from land and sea (Smith,
unpublished notes). At the spot where ayahos
came to a person the very earth was torn, land slides occurred and the trees
became twisted and warped. Such spots were recognizable for
years afterward (Smith, 1940).


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