Saturday, August 06, 2005

Snakes alive!

by your reporter - Duwamish Courier

The Medusa Fountain Court Banqueting Suite was yesterday the venue for the prestigious annual celebrations by the Association of Serpentine Promotion (ASP) as the Day of the Serpents drew to a close following the traditional apple-collecting and bee-awakening ceremonies in the orchard.

The table was piled high with the best golden plateware and the chef had done himself proud with the selection on offer. Guests of honour, the snakes themselves, slowly crawled from their holes behind Medusa’s fountain, still a bit sluggish after their long winter hibernation, and slithered over the huge refectory table as some of the ordinary guests gazed goggle-eyed at the sight. The snakes flicked their forked tongues, tasting the aromas in the air and daintily helped themselves to a few of the more succulent delights before retreating whence they came.

A long-term resident informed us that, according to popular legend, everyone who eats from the table will enjoy creative fertility – a gift from the snakes. In return for this gift custom has it that guests must perform for the veiled Gorgon.

We were lucky enough to witness one or two of these acts and the quality was consistently high. Of especial note was the dance by newcomer on the scene, Heather the enchantress, whose sensational costume and belly dance wowed the audience. In appreciation of the truth of her performance the Gorgon lifted one of her veils but we were not permitted to know what pearl of wisdom was passed over to the lucky recipient.

Thus ended another hisstorical banquet.


At 11:45 AM, Blogger Anita Marie Moscoso said...

Wow, we were PART of exciting. I can't wait to hit the after parties though ;)

Anita Marie


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